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Description: During the week of April 7-15 in 1944, a young theater and jazz enthusiast spent five exciting days taking in theater and jazz performances. In fourteen  pages of succinct notes on the letterhead of the William Sloane House ( Y.M.C.A. for Transient Young Men) he highlights the plays and jazz performances he enjoyed. He also saved ephemera, such as a newsletter from the Sloane House, a New York City schedule of the “Amusements this Week” (compliments of Newman’s Theatre Ticket Shop), a record store receipt, a booklet of Decca Personality Records, etc.

He (and friend Jerry) see Oklahoma, “really good and lived up greater than my expectations: Angel St, is “. . . tops as a melodrama. Good suspense.” Life with Father, “certainly was a scream, real humor.” He saves a postcard featuring a tense three-shot from the play “Decision”.

They see Johnny Long at a dance place: “darn good band. . . got his autograph . . . good brass and reeds . . . ,” forgoing Duke Ellington at the Hurricane as “there was a minimum of 3.00 to (enter?) and another 3.00 after.” They hear Count Basie and his band playing on the One Night Stand Broadcast: “Basie and band terrific & I was right behind Basie standing and could see Jones work . . .” Via the waiter, they get autographs on the menu from Basie and 17 of the band.  At the end of his stay, he also purchases some “real good records” at the Commodore record shop.

The notes are written in pencil on approx. 6” x 10” ivory letterhead of the William Sloane House. Includes 8 pieces of miscellaneous ephemera.  Item #AM00304

Condition: Quite legible and readable, very good condition.