Dennis Holzman Antiques offers a wide range of services including consultation, appraisals, and purchase of single items, or collections.


Formal written appraisals are available at an hourly rate. These can be used for estate tax, insurance, equitable distribution, or domestic purposes.

Free verbal market value estimations of antiques, fine art, ephemera, rare books, manuscripts and a whole range of decorative & collectible accessories are available. Please call (518 326-2061) in advance before bringing items to us.


We love to buy! Special interests include:

Anything handwritten, such as: diaries, account books, accumulations of letters, autographs.

Anything historical, such as: political campaign items, relics, sculpture & portraiture of famous people.

Anything photographic, such as: daguerreotypes, 19th c. paper images, 20th c. art photos, stereoviews, albums, books with real photos, wire service photos.