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Description: An early 19th century notebook of decorative text, poetry and lessons signed by Zabina Ellis on 13 leaves of wove paper, 9 ½”x 7 ¾”. The following are single page illustrated poems, not bound in the workbook: “The Pen” “The Rose” by C.J. Fox “Apostrophe to the Stars!!!” by Lord Byron “Inscription Over the Door of a Gentleman’s Retreat” Starting with “Byron’s Testimony for the Bible”, the remainder of the manuscripts are bound with string. The contents include: two decorated texts “Liberality” and “Religion” followed by four blank pages, some Arabic numeral penmanship practice and the longer transcribed poem entitled “Lord Byron’s Riddle” by the famous poet. The workbook features wonderful folk graphic design, penmanship and ‘pop poetry’ of the time by a young student likely from the Northeastern United States. Item #AM00131

Condition: The pages are quite friable, the most prominent tears have been stabilized with archival mending tape. The text remains intact and legible, good condition.