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Description: We offer a mid-19th century hand-colored French Canne du Combat Military part-printed certificate. The composition is 16 ¼” x 11” (housed in an early 20th century frame: 21” x 26”). The illustration of two nimble combatants is lavishly hand colored with French text below, dated 1850 and titled by hand at the top “6e Bataillon de Chasseurs à Pied” (6th Foot Hunting Battalion). Numerous participants have signed in ink on the lower portion. The document was engraved in Paris. Item #PR00281.

The chasseurs à pied were the light infantrymen of the French Imperial army. They were armed the same as their counterparts in the regular line infantry (fusilier) battalions, but were trained to excel in marksmanship and in executing maneuvers at high speed. Certainly learning canne de combat would have accelerated these skills.

Condition: The engraving is laid down and there are stains that touch the signatures at the bottom. The print is in good condition overall, with good color.