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Description: This wonderfully detailed engraving was produced by Johann Theodorus de Bry, likely between 1585 and 1600. It is after a much larger, rectangular 1584 engraving by Hendrik Goltzius, which is, in turn, after a drawing by Dirck Barendsz.

It depicts a lavish Venetian wedding, with the guests and entertainers gathered in a courtyard in front of the busy lagoon. Though the text de Bry added references Antenor (the legendary founder of Venice), it has been put forth that the wedding in question may actually be the 1555 wedding of Titian’s daughter Lavinia. Barendsz studied under Titian, and it has been suggested that the two men are pictured speaking together on the lower right.

The engraving measures approximately 6 1/2″ in diameter. As seems to be typical, the paper is trimmed very closely at the top and bottom, with slightly wider margins to the sides. It measures approximately 6 1/2″ x 7″ overall. Portions of the square platemark are present, and de Bry’s imprint (“Joan Theodorus de Bry, excud.”) is clear along the lower edge. Item #PR00052

Johann Theodor de Bry (1561-1623) was a German engraver and publisher. He studied primarily with his father, Dirk de Bry, and inherited the publishing business from him.

Condition: There is light foxing and toning, primarily in the blank margins. There are some small, scattered stains, again primarily in the blank margins, and one larger one running along the blank left edge of the sheet. Very good overall.