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Description: French statesman, historian, and Prime Minister Francois Guillaume Guizot (1787-1874) scrawled his signature on this address panel that was sent to Ambroise Rendu (1778-1860) of the Royal Council of Public Instruction.
Guizot served as Minister of Education (1832-1837) under the “citizen king” Louis-Phillipe, was the Foreign Minister from 1840 to 1847, and then Prime Minister of France from 1847 to 1848. Guizot was a moderate liberal whose bans on the political meetings dubbed the “Paris Banquets” led to the revolution that toppled Louis-Phillipe and the establishment of the French Second Republic.
Ambroise Rendu was commissioned by Napoleon in 1808 to reorganize the French education system. He served on the Royal Council of Public Instruction for thirty-one years, joining in 1820.
Includes a 3 ½” x 2 1/8” period albumen CDV-sized photograph from life with inked identification on the 4 ¾” x 3” mount. Address panel measures: 2 ¾” x 4 3/8” and is also mounted to a slightly larger piece of cardstock (3” x 4 ½”). Item #A00940.
Condition: Mounting remnants on verso of photograph. Fold line on panel, small stains at margins, otherwise very good condition.