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Description: Siegfried Ochs (1858-1929), who was initially a student of medicine, went on to become a well-regarded choir leader and composer. In 1882, he founded the Philharmonic Choral Society of Berlin, which became well-known for not only the quality of their performances, but also for debuting the work of many fledgling composers. Ochs’s own compositions tended toward the humorous, and one of his best known works is a comic opera.

This autograph letter signed, dated 4 Oktober 1922, is written on two sheets of "Oratorienschule der Staatlichen Akademischen Hochschule fur Musik" stationery. Each sheet measures 11 1/4" x 8 7/8". The letter is offered for sale untranslated; it is boldly signed by Ochs on the second page. Included with the letter is the transmittal envelope, addressed to the Alexander & Echternach department store in Konigsberg, Prussia. Item #A00302

Condition: Generally in very good condition, though there are a few light stains from paper clips and what may be ink in the blank top margin of page one. There are also tiny separations at the edges of the fold lines; they do not reach the text.