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Description: French journalist and politician Anatole de la Forge (1820-1892) penned and signed this kind letter in French asking his “very dear and charming child” to please go to Mme de la Gardnede and express his respect and regrets for him. He goes on to say ┬áthat he has been “greatly grieving” for a month, which has prevented him from leaving, but if Mme has a day, he will go to her to “express his gratitude.”

During the Franco-Prussian War, Anatole de la Forge was Prefect of National Defense and earned the moniker, “Defender of Saint-Quentin” for his forceful retreat of the Prussian soldiers who attempted to invade that city. For his service, he was appointed to the Legion of Honor. Anatole de la Forge also served as Prefect of Aisne, President of the Patriotic Union of France, Prefect of the Pyrenees-Atlantique, Deputy of the Seine, and President of the Patriots League. Minister Jules Dufaure appointed him Director of the Press at the Ministry of the Interior in the late 1870’s.

Written on a 8 1/4″ x 5 1/4″ sheet of Ministry of the Interior stationery. Item #A01241

Condition: Fold lines, otherwise very good condition with a neat, bold signature.