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Description: Peter Hurd (1904-1984) was an American illustrator and painter. He painted a number of frescoes at Texas Tech, and in 1967 he painted what was to be the official portrait of President Johnson (who allowed Hurd only one sitting and fell asleep during it), but Johnson thought it was ugly and rejected it.

This black and white, 10" x 8 1/4" photograph shows Hurd sitting casually in a chair. It is inscribed, "For Mrs. Willis & her daughter, Peter Hurd" on the lower left.

A note from Hurd’s assistant, John Meigs, is included, explaining that Mrs. Willis did not include her daughter’s name in her request, so Hurd could not inscribe it personally. He passes along Hurd’s good wishes for the completion of a book Mrs. Willis was working on. Item #A00237

Condition: Very good