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Description: John Morley (1838-1923), First Viscount of Blackburn, was elected Member of Parliament in 1883. He served as Chief for Ireland, Secretary of State for India, and as Lord President of the Council. He was well known as a political commentator and author, and wrote a popular and authoritative biography of William Gladstone.

This is a group of three autograph letters signed by Morley, one each dated September 10, 1878, January 28, 1901, and February 26, 1902. The transmittal envelope for the January 1901 letter is also included here. In each letter, Morley turns down an invitation extended to him, explaining regretfully that he does not have time, that he is a slow writer, and in one, citing his need to give his attention to his Gladstone work. Each letter is written on Morley’s stationery; the twentieth century ones measure 8" x 5" and the 1878 letter measures approximately 7" x 4 1/2". Item #A00474

Condition: The 1878 letter has a small tear in the blank upper left margin, though the flap is merely folded back and there is little to no paper loss. This letter also has a small bit of toning on the upper left edge. Apart from some light creases, each of the letters are otherwise in excellent condition, and would display nicely.