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Description: Writer Thomas Burke writes to Mr. (Dennis G.) Brussel who has safely returned to New York, “It was nice of the Atlantic to behave so well to you,” and thanks him for the copy of Main Street (Sinclair Lewis). He also provides Brussel with the dates of publication of his own works.

In the last line, the name of the person to whom Burke conveys his regards is scratched out: “Also my regards to [whitened out], if you happen to see him.” Given the homosexual subject matter of Burke’s later work, For Your Convenience, the anonymity raises questions about the sexuality of the recipient.

Written on one side of a 9” x 7” sheet of ivory laid paper bearing the address: “33, Tavistock Square, London, W.C.1. Museum 7959”. Item #A01061

Dennis G. Brussel (1870?-1942) of Adolph Brussel Inc. and Electrical Engineering & Construction was a contractor and real estate agent.

Thomas Burke (1886-1945) was a controversial British author. His short story collection Limehouse Nights (1916) centered on life of Chinese immigrants in the poverty stricken Limehouse district of London. D. W. Griffith, the American film maker, based his silent movie Broken Blossoms (1919) on Burke’s short story, “The Chink and the Child.” In his 1937 book, For Your Convenience: A Learned Dialogue Instructive to all Londoners and London Visitors, Burke acknowledges homosexual practices and “[codifies] their knowledge of the tactics needed to use these sites safely” (Holbrook).

Condition: In fine condition.