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Description: On a stiff 3 1/2" x 4 1/2" card, artist Emile Fuchs writes to Mrs. Buchanan on the loss of her husband and says: ". . . We both lost our heart to him & were so much looking forward to seeing him this winter in Amerika. . . " The card is heavily imprinted (the indentation is visible on verso): "Abbey Lodge/Park Road/Regents Park, N. W.". He has written seventy words in his hand and signed with his full name. Item #A00457.

Fuchs (1866-1929) was an Austrian American sculptor and painter of great renown during the early twentieth century. He painted portraits of Queen Victoria, Edward VII, General Baden-Powell, Emily Post and many wealthy socialites. His works are held by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Brooklyn Museum, Library of Congress, National Academy of Design, etc.

Condition: Very good condition.