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Description: In this 1972 typed letter signed, O’Keeffe gives a convoluted apology for not using a jacket gifted to her by disgraced Madison Avenue gallery owner Andrew Crispo. She states in full: “Dear Andrew Crispo: As usual, I’m a long time speaking to you. That jacket came to me and I know it’s going to be my favorite garment in time, but I’m one of those people who is apt to be two or three years wearing something new that I like very much, and I have an old ski jacket I can’t give up at the moment. I’ve worn your jacket two or three times and it is exceptionally fine, but the old ski jacket is like a part of me and I can’t give it up yet. Maybe you remember that belt with the silver trimmings that I usually wear in the summer with those black dresses. I think I had it three years before I wore it at all. So you see how it is. All bets [sic] wishes to you for 1972 and always.” As an afterthought she adds “and thanks” in manuscript.

Typed on an 11″ x 8 1/2″ sheet of paper. Transmittal envelope included which has a Jan. 17, 1972 Abiquiu, New Mexico cancellation and is imprinted on verso: “Georgia O’Keeffe. Abiquiu, New Mexico 87510”. Item #A01631

Condition: Letter has mailing fold lines, otherwise fine condition. Envelope has been roughly opened at right edge.