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Description: This 1932 photograph shows off the formidable five-car fleet of Du-Rite Laundry on Washington Avenue in Albany, New York. The sides of the trucks are painted with the company’s name and address as well as their telephone number and slogan: “Get the Du-Rite Habit.” The five vehicles are parked at an angle in front of the laundromat which stands next to a group of townhouses. The building that housed Du-Rite Laundry no longer seems to be standing. Remnants of winter can be seen in the stray lumps of snow behind the cars and along the curb of the cobblestone street.

Verso has an ink stamp for “Stephen Schreiber, Jr. Expert Commercial Technical and Portrait Photographer 119-121 North Pearl St. Albany, N. Y.” Image measures approximately 7 1/2″ x 9 3/4″. It is linen backed and has an additional 1 1/4″ blank flap on the left side, as if it was to be bound into an album . Item #P00191

Condition: Fine condition.