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Description: Johan Bojer posed a moral question for the recipient of this card. Written on the verso of his imprinted calling card, the note reads: "Then you think that if a man has the choice between being ruined himself, or propping himself up upon an ideal that brings others into misfortune, he should first of all look after himself. [Illegible] in treacherous ground." Under the note he wrote the date, 15.5.23, and signed his full name. The card measures approximately 2 1/4" x 3 1/2" and has his full name in a neat script imprinted on the recto. Item # A00424.

Johan Bojer (1872-1959) was a popular novelist from Norway best remembered for his works depicting poor farmers and fishermen in Norway and among the Norwegian-American populations in the United States.

Condition: There is a light crease near the center of the card. Otherwise in excellent condition.