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Description: Hilary A. Herbert (1834-1919), the Secretary of the Navy under Grover Cleveland and former colonel in the Confederate Army, penned and signed this letter in 1894 discussing the dishonorable discharge of “Applebee”. Herbert writes to Mrs. Manning that Mr. [William] MacAdoo, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, “remitted all imprisonment and allowed him to return to his family at once–retaining however or approving that portion of the sentence which dishonorably discharged him.”
Herbert served as Secretary of the Navy from 1893 to 1897 after having served eight terms in Congress as a Representative for Alabama (1877-1893). His efforts to revive and enlarge the Navy helped prepare the United States for the Spanish-American War.
Written on three pages of a folded sheet of stationery printed with a header that reads: “Navy Department, Office of the Secretary, Washington.” 8” x 10” unfolded. Item #A00580.
Condition: A few scattered small spots, otherwise very good condition.