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Description: Having purchased a small house in Medan in 1878, Emile Zola spent many years expanding it into a luxurious villa. It became a gathering place for the French artistic and literary elite.

In this two-page letter in French, Zola seems to be writing to his architect and requests drawings for a renovation similar to the little house next to the 13th century cathedral. Written on two 8" x 5" sheets that were at one time joined. Item #A00451.

Zola (1840-1902), the foremost French proponent of literary naturalism, is remembered for his twenty novels concerning the Rougon Macquart family including Nana and Germinal and his direct involvement in the Dreyfus affair.

Condition: Fold lines, light stain on verso of page 2 with minimal bleedthrough, remnants of hinging on verso, generally very good with above faults listed for accuracy sake only.