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Description: In this exchange between two editors, Mackie and James Samuelson, Mackie states his willingness to join a new periodical, which most likely is the Quarterly Journal of Science which James Samuelson founded in 1864. In the late 19th century, geologist and editor S. J. Mackie successfully brought attention to the field of geological sciences through his periodical, The Geologist, the precursor to the Geological Magazine (1864), published by Cambridge University Press.

“Dear Sir

I shall be willing to join your periodical. If the arrangement be for a special department or a certain number of articles during the year. If you issue a summary as you used to do in Popular Science I could take and should like to do so Geology, Ethnology & Archaeology. I am sorry that having been away from home your letter has remained unanswered.

Yours faithfully/S. J. Mackie /1 Alma Square, St Johns Wood, N. W./9 Oct 1863”

Mackie’s autograph letter signed is written on two pages of a folded sheet of 5” x 8”  paper.  Item #A01838

Samuel Joseph Mackie (1823-1902) was a geologist, anthropologist, and editor. He was a founding member of the Geologists’ Association (1858) and the Anthropologists’ Association of London (1863). He was the owner and the sole editor of The Geologist: A Popular Monthly Magazine of Geology (1858-64).

James Samuleson (1829-1918) was a Liverpool industrialist and the founder and editor of the Popular Science Review (1861) and the Quarterly Journal of Sciences (1864). While studying law, he became interested in social and political issues and wrote The German Working Man (1869) and Work, Wages, and the Profits of Capital (1872).

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