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Description: We offer an engraving from the French edition of Thomas Anburey’s Travels Through the Interior Parts of America. The image is 6 ¾”x 8 ¾” printed on handmade laid paper measuring 7 ½” x 9”. It is inscribed along the top margin: “Vue dun Moulin a Scie et d’une Redoute Situes sur la Crique du Fort Anne appartenant au General Skeene” and “Les Americans y mirent le Feu a l’approche de l’Armee Burgoyne” along the bottom under the image. The engraving depicts a lumberyard and block house along the shores of a creek at Fort Anne. In English versions of the engraving the text reads “A view of a saw mill and block house upon Fort Anne Creek …which on Gen. Burgoyne’s army advancing was set fire to by the Americans”

Item #PR00200.

From: Journal d’un Voyange Fair Dans l’Interiereur de l’Amerique Septentionale [Travels Through the Interior Parts of America] by Thomas Anburey, published in 1793.

Condition: A thin strip of adhesive tape remains on verso along the top margin and the print is trimmed close to the image, there is a small strip of paper loss at the top margin at the word “Skeene.” Generally good condition.