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Description: This Benjamin Cole copper engraving, titled "The Heedless Lover" is number XXXVIII in his British Melody Series, which sought to capitalize on George Bickham’s success with his prestigious publication "The Musical Entertainer" (1737-1739), a collection of popular 18th century songs of the theater, street and elegant parlor, engraved and illustrated with vignettes of scenes of contemporary life illustrative of the song. Bickham accused Cole of plagarism in a notice in the "Daily Advertiser" in November 1737. Cole responded with an advertisement for his "British Melody or Cole’s Musical Magazine" that was supposed to ultimately include 100 plates. In the end, Bickham "won" the dispute as Cole’s magazine ceased publication after only 60 plates were produced.

This plate measures 13" x 8" and is tipped into a hinged mat, 17 1/4" x 11 1/2" overall. the vignette is signed "B. Cole Sculp." and shows a man in elegant dress with an equally elegant woman in a nicely appointed room with fireplace. Under the tile is: "The Words by Mr. Sam. Godwin". The melody is not attributed.

Condition: Small stain above the word "Unkindly" in first line of music, otherwise Very Good.