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Description: From his Cambridge, Mass. home on Christmas Day, 1899, Charles Lanman took the time to write this thank you note, likely to some of his Harvard University students.

It reads "Gentlemen: My thanks for your courtesy in sending me your ‘House of a Hundred Lights.’ The little Sanskrit device is very prettily done indeed. The word would be quite intelligible to any Hindu of education. And the name is a very appropriate one, also, from the oriental point of view. Cordially yours, C. R. Lanman," and is written on a 3 7/8" x 4 7/8" piece of Lanman’s personal stationery. Item #A00364

One of the foremost American scholars of Sanskrit, Charles Rockwell Lanman (1850-1941) was head of the Indo-Iranian Languages Department at Harvard University and founding editor of the Harvard Oriental Series.

Condition: A diagonal crease extends across the upper portion of the notecard. Otherwise in excellent condition.