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Description: In this autograph letter signed, the literary critic and keen physiologist, George Henry Lewes expresses his inability to contribute an article, most possibly, to James Samuelson, the editor of The Popular Science Review (the letter came with a group addressed to him). By the 1860s, Lewes was transitioning from strictly scientific work to more philosophical pursuits. The book he was occupied with at the time of this letter was likely Aristotle, A Chapter from the History of Science (1864).

“My dear Sir

I fear it is hopeless for me to expect to find time for any contributions until my book is finished.  Reviewing I have neither time nor inclination for; and any article which would suit the ‘Review’ would lie too much out of my present course. If time & opportunity serve I will let you know: but do not advertise an article by me.

The notice of  [?] was just the thing

Ever yours truly/G. H. Lewes”

Written  on 7” x 4 ½” letterhead imprinted: “Blandford Square  N.W.”, where he lived with George Elliot. The letter is dated “28 Jan 1862”. Item #A01840

George Henry Lewes (1817-1878) was an English philosopher, literary critic, biographer, scientist and editor, most remembered for his long relationship with the novelist George Elliot.  He co-founded, and wrote for, the radical weekly The Leader (1850-60). His review of Bronte’s Jane Eyre is credited with introducing realism in the novel to its English readers. Of all his numerous works, The Life and Works of Goethe (1855) continues to be a significant introduction to the poet.  He also edited the well-known journal, The Fortnightly Review (1865-67).

James Samuleson (1829-1918) was a Liverpool industrialist and the founder and editor of the Popular Science Review (1861) and the Quarterly Journal of Sciences (1864). While studying law, he became interested in social and political issues and wrote The German Working Man (1869) and Work, Wages, and the Profits of Capital (1872).

Condition: Light feathering of signature, otherwise in very good condition.