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Description: Revered hero of the American West, William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” Cody (1846-1917), quoted his famous wild west credo: “True to friend & foe” and signed “W. F. Cody” as well as “Buffalo Bill” on this 2 ¼” x 4 ¾” piece of paper.
Born in the Iowa Territory, William Cody was a rider for the Pony Express at age fourteen, fought for the Union Army during the Civil War, and later served as a scout during the Indian Wars, for which he received a Medal of Honor in 1872. Buffalo Bill received his moniker after the Civil War when he was contracted to shoot buffalo for the consumption of the Kansas Pacific Railroad workers. He is rumored to have shot over 4,000 buffalo in an 18-month span (1867-1868). He also won a shooting match against William Comstock for the right to use the nickname, bagging 68 buffalo to Comstock’s 48. But the legend of Buffalo Bill truly began in 1869 when he met Ned Buntline, a writer who wrote (exaggerated) stories of Cody’s adventures and later produced some of the Wild West Shows in which Cody starred. In 1883, Buffalo Bill produced his own show, Buffalo Bill’s Wild West, a circus-like spectacle that toured America as well as Europe. Throughout his career, some of the figures Cody performed with included Annie Oakley, “Wild Bill” Hickock, Sitting Bull, Frank Butler, Gabriel Dumont, and Lillian Smith.
Archivally matted with an image of Buffalo Bill to 12 ¼” x 17 ½”. Item #A00717.
Condition: Some light soil, overall very good condition.