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Description:This colorful vintage label or perhaps advertising sign for Royal Family Velveteen measures 14 7/8″ x 8 3/4″ and features a Royal Family whose identity we don’t know. Lithographed to a stiff card stock, the top border displays the awards the fabric has won, including a Gold Medal in Nice 1884. We cannot find much about this manufacturer, but it was undoubtedly named “Royal Family” because at one time, velvet and velveteen were so expensive that only rich people such as royals could afford it. With the Industrial Revolution and new manufacturing techniques, this fabric became more available to more ordinary people, but its association with royalty was an obvious selling point. Item number: PR00048

Condition: A diagonal crease runs across the middle of the family portrait (crease is a bit more visible than photos show), crease at top left corner area, short crease top middle where it appears a thumb tack may have held this to a wall, small nick bottom edge, and what appears to be some soil to the top left and right of the family grouping. Verso is toned and has tape repair to the crease, which is more noticeable there than on the recto.

Still quite a bright and presentable late 19th c. lithograph..