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Description: This manuscript card, written in Varina Davis’ distinct neatly flourished hand with a period after “Davis”, reads: “Believe me dear Madam Respectfully yours, Jefferson Davis”.

Varina Davis was the second wife and First Lady of the President of the Confederate States, Jefferson Davis, during the American Civil War. Because of her education in Philadelphia and her family spanning both sides of the country, Varina Davis did not support the Confederacy’s position on slavery and states’ rights. After the war, she completed her husband’s memoir and wrote articles and a column for the New York World.

Card measures approximately 2 1/4″ x 3 1/2″. Includes addressed panel of original transmittal envelope with a Beauvoir, Miss. cancellation. Item #A01324

Condition: Light scattered staining, remnants of mounting on verso. Overall good condition.