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Description: John J. Ingalls (1833-1900) acting Vice President of the United States for only twelve days, exuberantly signed a slip of “Vice-President’s Chamber Washington, D. C.” imprinted stationery. Above his signature in bold, black ink he wrote: “Vincit qui vigilat”, which translates from the  Latin to read: “He who watches, wins”.

Ingalls was an American Republican politician who served as a United States Senator from Kansas  (1873-1891) and was elected president pro tempore of the Senate for his last four years in office. In 1885 he spent twelve days as acting Vice President under Grover Cleveland following the death of Thomas A. Hendricks. Ingalls is remembered for being incredibly witty and keenly sarcastic, and is credited for suggesting the state motto and designing the state seal of Kansas.

3 5/8″ x 5 3/8″. Item #A01420

Condition: Slight feathering of the ink of the “J” in “John”, glued to a larger piece of  card stock, mounting remnants on verso, generally good condition with a large, bold signature.