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Description: American singer Jessica Dragonette (1900-1980) neatly penned a brief inscription and signed her name in the gauzy skirts of the gown she’s wearing in this full-length portrait photograph.
Dragonette made her radio debut in 1926, singing operettas and semi-classical music which earned her the moniker the “Princess of Song.” In 1927 she became the star of the Philco Hour on NBC and then of the Cities Service Concerts program in 1930. She was the voice of Persephone in the Silly Symphony cartoon The Goddess of Spring (1934) and “Princess Glory” in the 1939 full color animated film Gulliver’s Travels.
10 1/8” x 8”. Item #A00931.
Condition: Lightly creased in the blank margins of the corners, otherwise in very good condition with a neatly flourished signature.