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Description: Celebrated child actor Shirley Temple (1928-2014) neatly signed this charming portrait photograph of herself which features a bold gaze, serene smile, and one of Temple’s trademark dimples.
Shirley Temple performed in her first film at three years old and soon became an international sensation. She acted in numerous films in the 1930’s, including Bright Eyes, Curly Top, and Heidi, and was beloved for her cheerful, wholesome image, though her popularity began to wane as she got older. As an adult, Temple became a diplomat, being appointed to represent the United States at a session of the United Nations General Assembly in 1969. She served as an Ambassador to Ghana (1974-1976) and to Czechoslovakia (1989-1992).
10″ x 8″. Item #A01252
Condition: A few light smudges at blank corners, a faint crease under Temple’s eye (more noticeable in the scan than in reality) overall good condition with a neat, bold signature.