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Description: Danish-American operatic tenor Lauritz Melchior (1890-1973) signed this brief, friendly note to a fan which reads in part: “Just a short line to thank you very much for your kind birthday greetings which made me very happy. I had a wonderful birthday, and when you reach my age, each birthday is a very special one.” The letter is dated March 25, 1972 and Melchior died less than a year later.

Melchior was the preeminent Wagnerian tenor of the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s and has come to be considered the quintessence of his voice type.

Typed on a Hallmark thank you card that measures 7″ x 5″.┬áItem #A01532

Condition: The note was stored in one of those ubiquitous “sticky” page photo albums leaving tidy, vertical stripes of glue residue on the verso. Overall good condition with a large, neat signature.