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Description:We offer an oil painting by the German-American artist Hugo Asbach. The canvas is 24″ x 40″ in a gold metallic frame with outside dimensions 27 3/4″ x 43 1/2″, inscribed on verso on the stretcher “ASBACH, LA RONDE.” Seven nude female figures stand contrapposto in loose formation, perhaps the title of the painting is a reference the raunchy play by fellow German Arthur Schnitzler. Item #FA00115. Hugo Asbach was born in Germany in 1913. After completing his early education in Switzerland, he went to the Art Academy in Frankfurt, Germany; and subsequently became stage designer at the Frankfurt Opera. He moved to New York in the late 1950’s split his time between his farm upstate and his residence on Captiva Island.

Condition:A few scattered flakes of paint are missing but otherwise good condition.