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Description: American military officer and politician, Lewis Cass (1782-1866), scrawled his signature on this envelope panel addressed to John Romeyn Broadpeace Esq. of New York. There is an inked circular cancellation stamp for Detroit, Michigan dated April, 14 at the left side and a “Free” ink stamp beneath Cass’ signature.

Cass held a number of political offices during his long career, including: Governor of the Michigan Territory, U.S. Ambassador to France, and the 22nd U.S. Secretary of State under James Buchanan. He also ran for the Presidency in 1848 on the Democratic Party ticket, but lost to Zachary Taylor.

3 1/4″ x 5 1/4″. Item #A01551

Condition: Only the address panel remains, some chipping to edges. Generally good condition.