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Description: We offer a wonderful record of the structural and governing concerns of a small upstate New York town during the latter half of the 19th century. This 1851 to 1887 records book for Knox, NY has 97 near full folio pages which contain copies of special laws, assessments and releases, as well as names of constables, overseers of highways, justices, superintendents of schools, overseers of the poor, town clerks, etc. for each year.

Some highlights from entries in the book:

“Alterations of election districts”

“ordained…no horses shall go at large also that no cattle sheep or swine shall go at large…”

“Release of George Stephens to Samuel Gallup for a private road…”

“[1862]…authorize the Supervisor…to borrow the sum of $1800… sum shall be paid as bounty money to be apportioned in sums of one hundred dollars each to the eighteen persons…who shall enlist as a soldier in the service of his country during the present war”

“Record of road laid out by Commissioner Daniel Crary through the lands of John Keenholts once Jacob Elsas’…”

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Condition: Covers worn, especially at corners and spine ends, scattered staining throughout. Generally good condition.