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Description: We offer a signed work by the Israeli/French artist David Azuz rendered with charcoal, oil stick, and mixed media on paper mounted to canvas. It measures 19” x 25″ and is signed “David Azuz” in the lower left. The canvas is housed in a darkened gold frame with a white liner, the outside dimensions of which are 24” x 30 ½”. The scene is busy, rendered with a hurried ease, and filled with all the accoutrements of a Parisian bar. The bartender and his patrons fill the composition, each figure quietly contemplating their own little world. Item #FA00334. 

David Azuz (1942-2014) was born in Tel Aviv. He moved to Paris in 1958, were he painted from life in bistros, bars and cafes. Azuz would travel to Tel Aviv and around the Mediterranean on summer holiday painting quotidian scenes of street vendors and night owls. He exhibited his work regularly in France, New York City, Germany and Israel. 

Condition: Fine untouched condition.