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Description: This part-printed 1873 check for $5199.90 was signed and self-addressed by American businessman and politician, Erastus Corning (1794-1872). It is drawn on the Albany City Bank and has a bold vignette in the top left corner showcasing the seal of the city of Albany, with the Dutchman and Indian standing on either side of City Hall.
Corning’s Albany hardware store, Erastus Corning & Co., was a vastly successful business that sold all manner of iron products including tools, nails, stoves, farming equipment and even rails and other railroad parts. Corning also invested in insurance agencies and banks, contributing to the establishment, and serving as President, of Albany State Bank, and was involved in land speculation as far west as Iowa. Besides business, Corning was also involved in politics, serving a term as mayor of Albany (1834-1837), as well as terms in the New York State Senate (1842-1845) and as a Member of the House of Representatives (1857-1859 and 1861-1863). Overall though, Erastus Corning’s most enduring legacy was his key role in the creation of the New York Central, a railroad that connected most of the Northeast region of the United States.
Additionally, Corning’s great-grandson and namesake, Erastus Corning II (1909-1983), served as mayor of Albany for over 40 years (1942-1983).
Check measures 2 5/8” x 6 5/8”. Item #A00572.
Condition: Ink cancellation over Corning’s signature, cut cancellation in center of check, otherwise in very good condition.