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Description: We offer an original watercolor by Herbert Raberaba. The image is 13" x 20 ¾” painted on white wove paper and signed at the lower right, in a mid-century carved frame (19" x 26 ⅜”). Item #FA00151.

Raberaba responds to the landscape with ease and startling ability to convey physical space through atmospheric distortion. The distant mountains and trees are lavender-grey, the foreground rocks and cliffs are highlighted in bright orange and darker inky browns, while the middleground mountain is rendered in hushed earthy tones. Raberaba doesn’t just paint light, he paints air.

Herbert Raberaba (1920-1950) was a student of the Hermannsburg School, along with his brother, Henoch Raberaba, and son, Brenton Raberaba. Led by Albert Namatjira, the Hermannsburg School spread the fundamentals of Western representative landscape painting to the Arrernte Aboriginal people who went on to make artwork with their own very spiritual sense of place and the raw power of nature.

Condition: Fine untouched condition, not examined out of frame.