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Description: We offer a bronze figural statue by Henri Godet. It is 17” high, 6 ½” wide and 6” deep. It is titled and signed at the base in the front “Glaneuse par H. Godot/Salon des Beaux-Arts” and stamped 71 with the foundry mark at the back. Godet depicts an elegant peasant woman leaning proudly on her rake. The finish is a deep chestnut bronze with excellent patination complementing the drapes and folds in the figure’s dress. Item #DA00209.

Henri Godet (1863-1937) was a French sculptor and engraver. He studied at the Ecole National des Beaux-art and with M. Mathurin Moreau. Godet was married to the French feminist and famous orator Nelly Rousell.

Condition: One tine is missing from the rake otherwise the figure is in very good condition.