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Description: We offer a group of 29 works by the German printmaker Heinrich Wolff. The collection represents over three decades of excellence in a variety of techniques, including: lithography, chine colle and dry point etching. The majority of the prints are pencil signed and monogrammed, only two are lacking signatures. Of particular interest to collectors will be an original signed self-portrait in mixed media, a large nude on dark brown japon paper and a manuscript receipt written by Wolff for artworks sold.

The collection includes:

-18 figural or portrait prints, most are pencil signed.
There are some fascinating duplicate prints in different states that show Wolff’s relentless visual curiosity; 3 prints of a “Professor Brade” and 2 Prints of Max Jaffe with a blindstamp that reads “Bernh. Teichert Konigsberg/Pr Kunstverlag”.

-7 signed landscape prints.

-2 Signed self-portrait etchings made as tokens of appreciation for his birthday, from 1925 and 1935.

-1 original self-portrait in pencil and crayon, pencil signed and dated 1899.

-1 allegorical/fantasy print of 8 images, likely for postcards.

-1 manuscript receipt for work sold to Ed(?) Cohn, written by Wolff.

-Catalogue “Bilderhefte des Deutschen Ostens” with an essay by Agnes Miegel from the late 1920’s.

The smallest plate dimension is 4 ¼” x 3 ¼” and the largest measures 11 ¾” x 18 ¼”.

Item #PR00291.

Heinrich Wolff (1875-1940) was a popular German artist and printmaker. His studies took him to the State Academy of Arts and Crafts Wroclaw in 1891, the Academy of Arts in Berlin in 1893 and the Academy of Fine Arts Munich in 1900. He was a member of the Association for Original Etching and founded the first private school for graphic arts with the artist and inventor Ernst Neumann-Neander in 1901. Wolff met Elizabeth Zimmerman in Munich, already a popular artist herself, who became the subject of many of Wolff’s works, and his wife. In 1902 Wolff was invited to teach at the Art Academy Konigsberg where he stayed until his retirement 1935. He died in 1940 in Munich.

Condition: The margins on many prints are torn and toned, but the images remain crisp and free from damage, some prints are in very good condition with no condition issues. Additional photos available upon request.