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Description: We offer a signed bronze statue of a woman by Fritz Röll with a lustrous patina and graceful contrapposto pose. It is 15 ¾” high by 4 ½” wide, including the dark marble cylindrical plinth and signed “Röll” in the bronze near the foot. Item #DA00152.

The artist’s relative informed us that this piece was first shown at the Grosse Berliner Kunstausstellung” in 1902 under the title “Erblüht” and is mistitled in “Abage Encyclopedia Volume IV: Bronzes” by Harold Berman page 1071 no 4261 “Her Eminence.”

Fritz Röll(1879 – 1956) was a painter and sculptor active in Germany. He studied at the arts school in Nuremberg and at the school of sculpture in Berlin. From 1911-14 he lived in the Villa Massimo in Rome. He participated in the 1936 Olympics Art Competitions in “Mixed Sculpturing.” According to some accounts Adolf Hitler purchased a 4 foot tall marble figure, “the Sandal Binder”, from Röll on the artist’s 60th birthday. In 1943, Röll fled from Berlin due to the war and settled in rural central Germany.

Condition: There are two pumpkin seed-sized nicks in the marble pedestal at the top, the bronze is in fine condition.