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Description: We offer a painting by the Belgian artist Cornelis Van Leemputten (1841-1902). It is an oil on  8 3/4" x 12 1/2" chamfered mahogany panel with the signature at the bottom right. It is likely in it’s original gilded 18" x 21 1/4" cove frame. Item #FA00095.

With his typical highly refined folk approach, Van Leemputten depicts this happy flock of domesticated fowl on a small footbridge on a hill overlooking a village. Though largely self-taught, his work shows his academic influences including the 17th century Dutch artist Paulus Potter, and the work of his contemporary, the French artist Charles-Emile Jacque 1813-1894.

Condition: The painting is in very good untouched condition. It has faint craquelure and a few very small areas of paint loss in the sky. The frame is in good condition with some scattered chips on the outer ridge of the frame and part of the ornamentation at the bottom right corner is missing.