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Description: In this autograph letter signed (third person) Dalton writes in full:

“John Dalton has delayed answering Mrs. Graves [perhaps Mrs. Robert James Graves] note, expecting to see Mr. Hole, but that occurrence not having taken place, J.D. can say no more than he has already said, that he believes Mr. Davy’s [Humphry Davy] residence is in some part of Yorkshire.

Wednesday, March 25th–”

Written on 6”x 5” sheet of ivory paper. “Writing of J. Dalton a Celebrated Chemist. Discoverer of the Atomic Theory” is added at the bottom in another hand. Item #A01821

John Dalton (1766-1844) was an English chemist, physicist and meteorologist who developed atomic theory. His notable works are Meteorological Observations and Essays (1783) and New System of Chemical Philosophy, Part I (1808) and Part II (1810).

Condition: Tiny remnants of mounting residue on verso and recto. Generally very good condition.