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Description: A wonderful period poster depicting the backs of two activists as they watch construction of the huge steel towers which support high voltage lines. The woman has painted on her denim jacket: “If you kill our farms your cities will die”. Printed at the top of the poster: “Close Encounters of the Worst Kind”.

In 1979 SRI International reviewed the testimony given before the New York Public Service Commission in cases 26529 and 26599 on the potential environmental effects of 765-kV overhead ac transmission lines. The testimony focused on the potential effects of audible noise, on the potential biological effects of the electromagnetic fields, on the potential for electrical shocks to people who touch vehicles parked under the proposed lines, on the potential effects of the electromagnetic fields on electronic cardiac pacemakers, and on potential effects of ozone produced by corona discharge from the lines.

Poster was issued by the Edwards Area Citizens of Edwards, New York as stamped on verso. 22″ x 17″. Item #PR00402

Condition: Four pinholes at blank top margin, some light perimeter soil, overall very good.