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Description: This group consists of six Jorge Hartmann photographs of Chilean landscape and a portrait… all from the studio FOTO Hartmann (Cathedral 1019 Santiago). Four photographs are titled and signed in graphite: “Foto Hartmann,” the remaining three are part of the same collection and are undoubtedly from Hartmann. All seem to be monochrome gelatin, mat finish, on heavy stock. Sizes vary from 6 ¼” x 9” to 7” x 10 ½”. As titled: “Laguna de Inca,” “Santiago (Providencia),” “Cerro Clasollo?,” “Torrecillas con Ramon,” , plus a man on a horse and his dog, with a field of sheep and the mountains in the background; another with a row of thatched huts, palm trees and mountains in the background; another a full-length image of a man in a street in Andes regalia.

Jorge Hartmann ran Foto Hartmann from 1932-1945 and became the photographer for the Brandon Cooper Company in Rancagua in 1950. He also painted reproductions, made portraits and landscapes. His photographs are in the collections of the National Historical Museum and the National Library in Chile.

Item #P00158

Condition: Very good condition.