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Description: On June 23rd, 1931 Post and Australian Navigator Harold Gatty left Roosevelt Field on Long Island and in 8 days 15 hours and 51 minutes completed the first successful aerial circumnavigation by a single engine monoplane.

In this wonderful 7 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ photograph Post and Gatty stand front and center in a group of men in front of a General Electric building. Harold Gatty, in his very distinctive hand has inscribed and signed this image to “Clyde”. Wiley Post has also added his signature. Several of the men in the photograph are identified in another hand. It is likely these men were somehow connected to the field of aviation. One is identified as “Bullock”, which might be Walter Bullock who attended the Curtiss Flying School in 1916. Item #A01437

Condition: Unevenly trimmed around perimeter, otherwise a strong image with great contrast and resolution. Both signatures are bold against the white clapboard of the building.