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Description: American children’s author Kate Douglas Wiggin Riggs (1856-1923) penned and signed this lengthy letter in which she declares that she will read from her book, Marm Lisa, at a building dedication circa 1896. She only asks that Mr. Mabie “won’t print [her name] on any invitations or programmes”. Her “motif” of the talk will be “a sort of vision of what such a building as ours is in a neighborhood” and she hopes to inspire the kindergartners who will be in attendance.
The letter is signed “Kate Douglas Riggs”, her married name during her second marriage to George Christopher Riggs, a New York City businessman whom she married in 1895. Her first husband, Bradley Wiggin, died in 1889.
Kate Douglas Wiggin is remembered for her numerous children’s books, including Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1903), as well as for her efforts to increase the welfare of children during a time when they were thought of as cheap labor.
Written on two sides of a sheet of paper imprinted with the address “165 West 58th Street” that measures approximately 8” x 5”. Item #A01019.
Condition: Fold lines, a few short edge tears repaired with archival tissue/tape, two small tears where the page has been creased, otherwise in good condition with a large, bold signature.