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Description: We offer an oversize photograph of the Hotel Baker in Middleburgh, New York. The print is 10 ⅞” x 13 ⅝” on the original mount which measures 16” x 20”. The embossed text below the image reads: “Hotel Baker Middleburgh, N. Y., First Class Livery Connected, J. L. Baker, Proprietor.” A handful of guests sit on the porch, a young boy couldn’t quite sit still for the picture it seems. The telephone pole with innumerable lines and a barely visible horse carriage at the far right show a town in transition during the Second Industrial Revolution. Item #P00127.

The Hotel Baker was originally known as the Freemyer House, built in 1825. This photograph dates from the 1890’s when it changed hands, and shows the hotel before the large columns and coach gate were added. In 1942 it was destroyed by a fire. In the mid 1990’s the site became the home of the new public library.

Condition: There are some surface abrasions, overall light foxing, and faint damp stains on the board. Even with all faults, a strong image with very good resolution and good contrast.