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Description: These large and highly detailed engravings of two frogs mating comes from the 1758 publication, Historia Naturalis Ranarum Nostratium, or, The Natural History of Frogs, by Johann Joseph Fleischmann. The illustrator, Roesel von Rosenhof, meticulously depicts a pair of copulating frogs from two perspectives, as well as the growth cycle of tadpoles and a few magnified illustrations of frog eggs. These engravings are attached and are both labeled “Tab. XX” and both show the same image, though one is richly hand-colored and the other is labeled with the key that corresponds to the original text.

Platemark: 15 ¼” x 10 ¼”. Overall 18 ¾” x 13”. Item #PR00518

August Johann Röesel von Rosenhof (1705-1759) was a German artist, naturalist, and entomologist best known for his incredibly accurate illustrations of insects.

Condition: A few very faint spots, some light offsetting from being bound with the text, otherwise in very good, quite striking condition.