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Description: Businessman and yachtsman Thomas Lipton neatly signed this card imprinted with the title of his steam yacht, "S. Y. Erin". Above the ship’s name are the images of two gilt-stamped flags, one a navy blue pennant with a crown and shield, the other a square green and gold flag with a three-leaved clover.

Scotsman Sir Thomas Johnstone Lipton (1848-1931) is perhaps best known for his popular brand of Lipton grocery stores and teas, however, he was also an avid sportsman who sailed yachts and enjoyed the company of King Edward VII and King George V. He famously challenged the New York Yacht Club for the America’s Cup five times between 1899 and 1930. Though he never succeeded in winning the cup, his well-publicized efforts made his tea famous in the United States. During World War I, he gave the use of his yachts over to medical organizations such as the Red Cross, the Scottish Women’s Hospitals Committee of Dr. Elsie Inglis, and the Serbian Supporting Fund for the transportation of medical volunteers and supplies. The Erin was one such yacht, and Sir Lipton himself went to Serbia on board the ship during a typhus epidemic, visiting hospitals and encouraging the doctors and soldiers.

2" x 3 1/2". Item #A00900.

Condition: Slight feathering at end of "faithfully", mounting remnants on verso, otherwise in very good condition, with a clear bold signature.