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Description: In this brief, undated, autograph letter signed, Faraday sends his regrets to James Samuelson, with whom he edited the Quarterly Journal of Science:

“Sir I am obliged & complimented by your note but am unable to accept any of the many requests made to me in that direction I am sir/Your Obed Servant/ M Faraday”

Michael Faraday (1791-1867) was a physicist and analytic chemist. His discoveries and research in the field of electricity and magnetism–electromagnetic field, diamagnetism, laws of electrolysis–led to many major scientific discoveries. He was the Fullerian Professor of Chemistry at the Royal Institution. He popularized the use of words such as anode, cathode, electrode and ion. Wanting to be known only as Mr. Faraday, he refused knighthood. The term “farad” as a unit of electrical capacitance was coined in the honor of Faraday.

James Samuelson (1829-1918) was an industrialist. magazine founder and editor, and prolific non-fiction writer. He founded the Popular Science Review (1861) and the Quarterly Journal of Science (1864). Faraday co-edited the Quarterly Journal of Science with Samuelson.

The letter is written on 4 ½” x 7” laid paper bearing the blindstamp of the Royal Institution of Great Britain. Included are two modern photographs stamped on verso: “Crown Copyright Reserved” and titled: “Faraday’s Magneto Disc 1831” and “Collection of Faraday Relics”. Item #A01757

Condition: Mailing fold lines otherwise very good condition.