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Description: We offer an archive of 32  World War II-era photos taken by American photographer George Burns and featuring a scarce photograph of General Hideki Tojo before his attempted suicide.

George Burns (1917-1988), of Burns Photography Inc, Albany, NY worked as a staff correspondent for Yank, the Army Weekly during WWII. He was one of two photographers present during the attempted suicide of Japanese Premier General Hideki Tojo on September 11, 1945. In an article for Yank, (Oct 19, 1945), Burns writes about the events following Gen. McArthur’s orders to arrest Gen. Tojo. As Tojo asks about the orders, Burns photographs him. He writes, "[Tojo] stood there in the window his bald head looked as though it were a picture frame. I raised my camera and snapped the picture. Tojo jumped back and closed the window." The photograph, "Tojo leaning at the Window," for Yank is a head shot of Ex-Premier General Tojo at a window talking about his impending arrest before his attempted suicide. Another significant image is a portrait of General Tojo in uniform.

Twenty-one of the photographs in this collection are titled, "Tokyo Pictures" and "Seeing Japan." These photos capture travelers on the subway, portions of the city destroyed by war, life on the steets, and soldiers on duty, after work in a pub, patrolling sites, and at the train stations. Tokyo was drastically bombed on March 9-10, 1945; some of the pictures Burns took for Yank appear to be after the bombing as they capture the damaged buildings and neighborhoods. Eleven other photographs capture U.S. soldiers in a wide variety of social life.

Size of the photos varies, though most of them measure approximately 8″ x 10". Item #P00119.

Condition: Some photos have creases and soil, though they are generally in very good condition.