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Description: We offer a signed lithograph by the American artist Alfred Bendiner (1899-1964). Signed in graphite at the bottom right and inscribed "6/50 Ether" at the bottom left. Printed on medium weight laid paper, 12 1/2" x 18 7/8". Item #PR00086.

"Bendiner developed this print from sketches made in the operating rooms of Philadelphia surgeons Moses Behrend and Matthew Ersner. A large overhead fixture illuminates a surgical operation attended by more than thirty surgeons, anesthesiologists, physicians, and nurses — all of whom are ostensibly needed in the crowded operating room. Each wears a facial mask and a gown. There are also observers watching the surgeons at work. In the foreground several cylinders of the anesthetic give the print its name." -From the exhibition catalog Nightingale’s Song: Nurses and Nursing in the Ars Medica Collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art by William H. Helfand.

Condition: Toned 1/4" around the image from old framing materials, does not interfere with image. Three pieces of adhesive stickers have been used as "hinges" and remain on verso and fragment of a binder reinforcement sticker on recto at the edge of the top left blank margin. Otherwise good condition.